It is now 11.11.11, what a great day to launch a new industry. I am officially releasing the video Self-Transformation: The Birth of a New Industry in English, French and Spanish. This marks a clear step forward from what we have seen so far in the self-transformation industry.

I also recently had breakthroughs about understanding what is so special about the Millennials and why the previous generation does not show any interest in real self-transformation. The previous generation seeks objectives and will find what allows them to get closer to their goals, through changing their actions, thoughts and even sometimes healing fears blocking them. The Millennials, on the other hand, follow a path in life and will find what resonates with their path. Their path in life and their personal evolution is the main objective and they thrust external goals will happen as a consequence… and they do, in a much more powerful way. While the previous generation seeks solutions and help through their rational mind, Millennials work through resonance using their internal senses. The boundaries of their goals are much less defined and evolve over time. To them, vibration and coherency are very important.

There are people of the previous generation who seek spiritual awakening, but there is an important distinction. The previous generation seeks spiritual awakening as an end-result. Millennials seek spiritual awakening as a path to achieve something else.

So I am officially launching the new industry of self-transformation. This is primarily for the Millennials who are the leaders of the light. Others will follow, but it is our responsibility as Millennials to lead the way.

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Here’s the video in English

French version: Transformation Personnelle: La naissance d’une nouvelle industrie

Spanish version: Transformaci?n Personal: El Nacimiento de una Nueva Industria

Also, make sure to participate in this day of awakening by taking some time to meditate.

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