9/11 is a major world event that had a huge impact on the United States and on the rest of the world, yet there remains many unanswered questions. I just came across a documentary written by many experts that was just pre-released TODAY. You can watch it for free on YouTube. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there bringing out speculations and controversial information. This movie is different. It is written by experts with a scientific approach to nail down a few key concepts with undeniable proofs. Although it doesn’t bring much answers, it does move the discussion to a whole other level and make it obvious that the official version is a lie. This has tremendous consequences which may be hard to digest for many.

But what does this have to do with self-transformation and why should you care? 9/11 has been a very traumatic event that divided the United States and even the world into two different visions of reality. In order to unite the country and the world, we have to look directly at dark aspects that are not comfortable to look at. Sometimes the venom has to come out in order for healing to happen. Plus, you can’t look at your own personal self-transformation without taking into consideration the transformation and spiritual evolution taking place around the world. Your personal transformation takes place in the context of a more global transformation and awakening of society. This trauma might be one of the things holding you back psychologically.

Another aspect is that the mainstream population has a way of seeing the world that is projected through the medias. Whether we talk about 9/11, UFOs or spirituality, it shutters the mainstream reality and brings you into an uncomfortable and insecure position. That is why so many people avoid looking at these topics that challenge their view of the world. Part of my work is to shutter people’s reality to open them to a whole new world of possibilities. One of the ways I recently started doing that is by taking some customers, reading their energy field remotely and describing with great details their energy profile, their strengths and weaknesses. That is without having a picture of them and sometimes without having any kind of contact whatsoever. This shutters their reality of what they thought was possible. This scientific documentary about 9/11 will definitely also shutter the reality of anyone still holding onto the old paradigm as scientific proofs can’t be dismissed.

Many people have witnessed experiences that are out of the ordinary. This can be experiencing distance healing. This can be witnessing UFOs. There are many other strange experiences that medias and “credible people” never mention as being possible. When this happens, you inevitably face a lot of resistance from people around you when you try to talk about it. Plus, it is very difficult to fully accept those new realities because of all the anxieties and uncertainties that come with them. I especially like the last part of the movie where they explain why it is so difficult for people to look at such facts. You have to see this movie.

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