More and more UFOs are being seen all around the world in the recent years and it is becoming an accepted fact by an increasing part of the population. UFOs are being seen all around the world. The British government released its classified archives about UFOs. US army officials talked about it to the medias. You can find many proofs by searching the internet. What does this really means? Although I recently became aware of the phenomenon of alien contact, I had no clue whatsoever about their intentions of what kind of impact it could have. I just came across a book from an outside perspective that brings a LOT of answers about what is happening, and a warming. It also talks a great deal about the state of our spiritual evolution and the urgent need for spiritual awakening at this point in time. It fits with everything I have seen, heard and read so far. It also brings insights with a clarity, detachment, objectivity and awareness that no spiritual teacher on this planet could have, so it can’t be faked or made up. In the same way that many recent spiritual books were written, this book has been written through channeling where the author is merely a medium to transmit the message. It is very important for the knowledge presented here to spread. We are getting out of isolation and emerging into a greater community, yet we are not prepared for it and are giving our power away.

First, most people cannot do the difference between a spiritual experience and an extra-terrestrial experience. Thus, it is easy for them to make us believe their interventions are divine and for our greater good.

Second, a greater technological evolution doesn’t mean a greater spiritual evolution. In that matter, they are similar to us. Our technological development didn’t bring greater spiritual development; however it did bring a greater need for restraint and responsibility.

Third, spiritually evolved people do not seek to intervene and influence other nations. The first ones to reach new territories are always resource explorers and those seeking business and trade opportunities. Thus, it is to assume these are the people currently visiting our planet, for their own benefits and opportunities.

The situation is similar to when the European arrived to America with promises of greater technologies and wealth, and we all know what happened. Except that this time, we are the natives.

You can read the complete book Allies of Humanity for free on this website. A must read for awareness and empowerment in this transition period.

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