I recently started doing online psychic readings for some customers and they were shocked by the clarity and accuracy of the readings. I am now offering a FREE online psychic readings to the 10 first people who write me back. I do NOT need your picture or even your name. I may publish the readings in an anonymous way so that others can benefit.

Here is what a psychic reading looks like.

At the first chakra, he has difficulty taking his place. He is easily pushed over. His personality extends 9 feet (higher is better) while his projected personality extends 6 feet. At the second chakra, he has a strong creative fire that is not always active. He is flexible like water and he has a strong ability to adapt to situations. At the solar plexus, there is pain and unworthiness. His self-confidence extends 5 inches. His ability to handle conflicts extends 2 feet. His strong empathy allows him to better relate with others but he also tends to take people?s pains on his shoulders. At the fourth chakra, he has a painful heart. There is a bland feeling covering the pain which results in lower awareness of emotions. Emotions shut down as a form of protection. His emotional intelligence extends 5 feet. At the fifth chakra, he has powerlessness that alters the posture of his neck and shoulders. His communication extends 3 feet. At the sixth chakra, his awareness of human life extends 10 inches. His connection to spiritual source extends 5 feet. Spirituality is a comfortable escape from the pain of the physical world. Strong points: he has a strong personality and spirit although they aren?t expressed fully. He has good empathy, emotional intelligence and adaptability which bring a talent in handling conflicts. What to work on: unworthiness in the solar plexus and pain in the heart.

Here’s another example of psychic reading

In the first chakra, he has a strong secure presence and he is respected by others. His personality extends 30 feet and his projected personality extends 35 feet. In the second chakra, he has anxieties related to sexuality preventing him to flow with life. The unknown is very scary. In the third chakra, he has good self-confidence? when he is by himself. He is easily destabilized by people?s opinions. His self-confidence extends 50 feet when by himself, 10 feet with friends and family and 5 feet around women. His ability to handle conflicts extends 15 feet. In the fourth chakra, he has a strong sensitive heart. He tends to change his behaviors when women come close to his heart? and he then becomes soft like jelly. Women want him to be stable and secure. This causes confusion within women. He?s such a great guy at first; then he can?t even hold the ground. His emotional intelligence extends 30 feet. In the fifth chakra, he has anxiety expressing himself, especially when it can potentially cause people to judge him. He will avoid saying anything controversial. He has a strong ability to make decisions but he?s better not tell anyone as they would find a way to convince him to change his mind. His communication extends 10 feet. In the sixth chakra, his awareness of human life extends 15 feet. His connection to spiritual source extends 30 feet. Strong points: he has great presence, personality and spiritual connection, especially when he is alone. What to work on: not letting others alter his behaviors and energy. Not being affected by people?s opinions.

If you want your free online psychic reading, send me an email and if you are one of the first 10, I will write you back with your own energy reading.

EDIT: I am no longer doing FREE PSYCHIC READINGS. That being said, I created a Q/A page to
answer many common questions related to psychic readings. http://www.shamanicattraction.com/psychic-reading.

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