We all have emotional issues holding us back from the great success we deserve. I have a proven system to break through issues such as unworthiness, loneliness and painful losses. My approach is based on energy healing and result-oriented spirituality. Not only do I do energy healing, I teach you how to do it yourself over the phone.

I’m offering you a very special opportunity until the end of August to get personal coaching at 22% OFF the normal price. We’ll do 4 coaching and healing sessions over the phone which means we’ll have time to cover deep aspects that will have a profound impact for the rest of your life. Since we do it over the phone, you can do it from the comfort of your home no matter where you are around the world and you save expensive travels (which alone would cost more than the entire coaching package). There are also hidden advantages of doing it over the phone. In person, there are many distractions and you would tend to look at how I live my life. Over the phone, there is much less distraction, much more focus and the communication is narrowed down to a soul to soul connection which brings clearer insights. We also focus more on how you are living your own life. Energy healing can be done as much over the phone as in person. Distance doesn’t matter and clients have reported very powerful impacts from such healing. Not only do I do energy healing, but I also teach you how to do it yourself. That means you’ll have the tools to keep working on issues on your own and you won’t be dependent on me or any other healer whenever you face an issue. It is very important for you to have the proper tools and to be independent in this challenging world of turmoil. Energy healing skills are what allow you to navigate through changes. I will give you homework and various aspects to work on during the week between our calls. This will amplify the results and put you in charge of your own progress. We’ll stay in touch between the calls so you will get support and guidance whenever you need help. It is recommended to do a call per week but we will adapt to your schedule so it will work out even if you are very busy.

On addition to that, I will give you the Natural Grounding Guide which is a very powerful meditation technique to balance your masculine and feminine energies, to align your chakras and to heal yourself. It is a passive technique which means it will work just the same when you feel overwhelmed and can’t concentrate yourself. You can also use other healing technique at the same time you do Natural Grounding. This is a catalyst that will make everything I’ll teach even more powerful.

I’m also giving you an extremely bold guarantee. Send me three emotional issues or problems you want to resolve. If these three issues don’t disappear within the four coaching calls, I will either keep working on them for free until they are resolved or give your money back. I don’t care if you have had these problems your entire life or have been working with a specialist for years. If I can’t resolve your issue, I give your money back. Period. That’s how confident I am in my method based on the results my clients got. Nobody has ever offered such a bold guarantee and you may not believe I can help you. Will you challenge me?

How much is this coaching package? Normally it is $247 per session which means $988 for 4 sessions. I am now offering it at $777 which is 22% OFF + I give you the Natural Grounding Guide + I give you a totally insane money-back guarantee. This offer is valid until the end of August 2011.

Will you challenge me to solve your issues? I will challenge you back to push your boundaries in a way you have never done before. This is not for the weak hearts. This is for those who have a strong commitment to make a profound impact in their lives that goes beyond simply solving issues.

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Then, send me an email to schedule our first call. Make sure to specify the three main issues you want to resolve which will be guaranteed.
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Here’s a comment I just received from a coaching client:
“I recently did two sessions of coaching with Etienne. He really broke down previous emotional barriers that I never knew affected me. This issue was straining my self-confidence and self-worth. Since those two sessions, people have treated me much differently. They respect me because I respect myself. This tends to come out in certain ways we do not realize and others see this reflection of our poor self-confidence and treat us accordingly. Soon after I went for a few interviews and received four job offers. I’m getting to the point where I feel I can conquer the world. So I’m going for other interviews for jobs that make more money. I communicate on a higher level and tend to be more relaxed in social interactions. If you want to improve your life then look no further. It’s worth it.” – Daniel

To your success!

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