I was reading The Way of the Superior Man from David Deida and he was saying that masculinity seeks freedom while femininity seeks love. Later I was doing Natural Grounding. Then BANG it hit it like a brick on the head! Actually it was both my hands hitting my head.

The masculine is to follow a life purpose. The feminine is to fully live the present moment.

Previously I was wondering why all Western women I knew who developed their feminine side had an even stronger masculine side. They couldn’t surrender to their femininity. That’s simply because they’re so focussed on their life purpose and achieving things in life! Almost every teacher is so focussed on life purpose. Every self-improvement business is so focussed on life purpose. Very few people ever talk about fully living the present moment. That’s HUGE.

For a woman living in nature, it’s easy to focus on fully living the present moment. She takes care of her garden, house and environment and her environment brings her whatever she needs. For a woman living in the fast-paced competitive Western world where she not only doesn’t own anything but she’s in debts, it’s a different story. The first step for anyone is to get whatever they need to live. Lots of people get stuck in survival mode but we must eventually move on from survival to fully living our lives. Then, for a woman who is truly feminine, fully living the present moment is more important than following her life purpose. Being is more important than Doing. She will still have a life purpose, she will still achieve goals, but love will be a priority. There’s always a balance of masculine and feminine within every person. The question is which polarity is dominant within each person.

There’s a huge part missing in the multi-billion dollar self-improvement business. It’s good to follow your life purpose, to achieve things in life, to change the world, to help poor people in Africa and all that, especially for men. However, you don’t need to run from goal to goal in order to always be achieving something even if it’s your life purpose. Your life purpose isn’t the only thing in life. ?Slowing down, looking around you, connecting with people around you, being vibrant and joyful and fully living the present moment is also very important, especially for women.

As a man, do you have both aspects into your life? Be the change you want to see in the world. The more you are fully living in the present moment, the more it will encourage women around you to be the same.

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