God is a principle. This isn’t rocket science or hoccy doogy, it’s very simple. Supposing everything in the Universe is Energy at the base,

1. If you put your attention on a part of your body with a certain thought, it will re-align the particles of Energy to match your thought.

2. If you put your attention somewhere else, these particles of Energy keep their new position.

3. If you take one of these particles of Energy and put it in another room, and then re-align particles in your body with a thought, the particle in the other room will respond the same way. We are all connected.

4. What you focus on aligns particles of Energy to attract it into your life.

How can it physically attract what you focus on?

When people are involved, through their intuition and butterfly effect. Otherwise, through chaos and butterfly effect. Chaos, luck and coincidences aren’t totally random.

This is the Universal principle that makes everything easy for some and everything hard for others.

And no, there is nobody in the sky judging you.

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