David Neagle Certified Coach Miracle of Money Mentor
Here’s some exciting news. I am now a David Neagle Certified Coach Miracle of Money Mentor and I am authorized to teach his Miracle of Money system. If you don’t know David Neagle yet, he’s known for helping people make in 30 days more than they’ve done in a year, and for building successful million-dollar businesses. His system has been proven to work over and over again. It is based on universal laws.

Whether you like it or not, money is an extremely important aspect of life. Almost all your decisions are based on money. Think of how many decisions per day you make based on money. You even need money to eat. Here are the most important human needs. First we need air. A few minutes without air and you’re gone. Second we need water. You can’t survive more than a few days without water. Third is either money or food. Both are equally important. You may not like this truth, you may resist it, you may prefer to think that family and being of service to the world is more important than money, but that doesn’t change the law. You have to realize how important it is in your life, as everything else in your life depends on that.

There are religious people who depict money as being evil, yet those very same people go and collect money to support their families and buy food. It’s like saying that murdering is evil? but it’s OK once in a while. It doesn’t make sense.

You have to realize that your financial situation is a direct reflection of your energy and beliefs about money. I know a lot of people who know about how the financial system is owned by a small group of families trying to centralize power. They hate money. And they are almost all broke. It is important for them to understand the truth. The financial system is not money, it represents money, and money will always exist. Money is a divine miracle of God. There is not anyone who can prevent it from flowing into your life, except yourself.

The truth will set you free. If it doesn’t set you free, it isn’t the truth.

I used to be very effective at transforming people’s lives but still had this big block about money. Long story short, I was feeling unworthy when interacting with high-paying clients and that’s where I was stopping myself. Since this area is solved, my time will become much more valuable. I know many people in my current list can’t afford what my time is worth. I will publish some articles about some of the breakthroughs, and provide opportunities for those who want to step up their financial situation to live their life at a higher level.

All the best,

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