We’ve all heard this: Money is the root of all evil. Is this true? There are so many misconceptions related to money. Let’s dig into facts and beliefs to clarify this.

Your reality is a reflection of your consciousness, and the world reality is a reflection of global consciousness. ?Money is the root of all evil? is part of global consciousness and guess what, it became a reality. If you understand how the financial system works and who owns it, you know it is corrupted to the core by a group of families who want to centralize power. This is nothing more than a reflection of global consciousness.

But the dollar bill is not money, it represents money. Here’s the definition of money: it is a tool to extend service beyond physical contact. It is what allowed society to develop the way it did. It is what allowed you to gain access to computers made on the other side of the world. It is what allowed the Internet to exist. Money is a universal principle of life and it will always exist. Money is what allows the circulation of value and services to improve your quality of life and create abundance.

Let’s consider a new belief about money: Money is a divine miracle. This is exactly what I have been learning from David Neagle, how to change the attitude towards money to allow it to manifest as a divine miracle.

If enough people would shift their belief from ?money is the root of all evil? to ?money is a divine miracle?, it would manifest as a global reality. The current financial situation of the world is an exact reflection of the collective consciousness. The good news is that a positive belief is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative belief so 1% of the world population adopting this new belief would be enough to shift the entire planet.

You do not solve problems by fighting against them. You solve them by looking at them from a higher consciousness.

I also want you to consider something else. Our bodies have the ability to totally heal when our emotions and energies are healthy. I almost never get sick. In fact, a disease such as a cancer can be seen in the energy field way before it manifests as a physical disease. Our physical body is a perfect reflection of our emotions and energies.

The planet is also a living being and it also has 7 main chakras that can be precisely located. Its solar plexus is at Isla del Sol on Lago Titicaca in Bolivia. Its sexual chakra is in Thailand. Its heart chakra is in Quebec. Wouldn’t it make sense that the principles that apply to our bodies also apply to the planet? The planet is in very bad shape, much polluted and going through a mass extinction, and it is a perfect reflection of the current chaos in global consciousness. By getting over the global power struggles and healing the collective consciousness, it would make perfect sense that the planet has the ability to totally heal itself physically.

There are no problems to worry about or fight against. All we have to do is look at them from a higher consciousness.

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