I have yet to see anyone fully detach himself from the culture where he lives. Yet the difference between people in different countries is so huge. Why is it that american women all have similar personality straits, thai women all have similar personality traits, yet americans are soooo different than thais? Because you are what you are in relation to, or what you choose to be in relationship to.

How can you change what you are in relationship to?

Traveling allows you to be in relation to different cultures and different environments. Especially if you travel alone, you can freely decide what you want to be in contact with.

Natural Grounding gets you in contact with Thai culture and pure feminine energies.

Raiki (healing art) helped ground myself further into pure bi-polar (Yin/Yang) energies and stillness. I’m constantly in relationship to stillness.

Look at other elements of your life and whether they affect you positively or negatively.

Maybe there are “friends” or people you know who affect you in negative ways. Either drop contact, reframe the relationships or let go of negative feelings toward them.

Maybe there are family members limiting you or always finding reasons why what you want won’t work. You can protect yourself against negative influence once you fully realize how they affect you. Or you can respect them from distance.

Maybe you are working for something you against because it pays, or maybe you work in an environment with heavily stressed people. Remember that you are what you are in relationship to.

What about roommates? And where do you hang out? In trash clubs with broken beers everywhere and people taking drugs? Or in cool laid-back bars where open-minded people with ambition chill out?

Choose what you want into your life if you want to be who you want to be.

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