To me, Yin(feminine) and Yang(masculine) energy balance isn’t to be in-between two sexes. It means to be free to express your sexual polarity without the neediness. A woman will express her pure feminity and naturally flirt while feeling whole and not really feeling needy since she can get masculine energy from within herself. A man will express his pure masculinity and naturally lead while feeling whole and satisfied since he can get pure feminine energy from within himself.

That said, there’s something raw about my energies since a few weeks making girls crazy, since I came up with the slogan “Raw food for the hungry soul”. People are thristy for raw energies because it makes them feel alive like nothing else and my energies reach deep.

There was also this girl I met in a bar in the south of Thailand a swhile ago. She had great energies, looked so innocent and was sitting on me all flirty. I felt her energies grabbing my solar plexus and bringing my masculinity out of the shell. There was something raw about her like I’ve never seen before. I turned her down because she asked money to go home with me but I regreted it.

Now that my energies are very strong and calm, when I am with a girl, I gently grab her solar plexus with my consciousness and it brings immediate reaction. It pulls their feminity out of them and brings them to life. There’s just something raw and unique about my energies that reaches them deep, they just can’t resist flirting.

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