I had a flash in my mind about who I really want to serve and the direction of my business. People seeking to feel better, get a date or fix a health problem are not my tribe because they are usually not ready to step into what I propose them. Those heavily into spirituality and energy healing are usually not my tribe because they are usually already sold to a methodology and path and tightly hold onto the beliefs that come with it… or otherwise are already doing great and have no sense of urgency. Unless they really want to break out of their shell and step up to a higher level and don’t hold onto any methodology of beliefs. When the sense of urgency is there, beliefs don’t matter… as long as I can help them solve the problems!

My tribe is those who want inner transformation to live their purpose in life and make great money from it. It is people who may or may not know their purpose, but they know they want to achieve something with their lives, and they know they want to make their life a more joyful experience. They want to work to live instead of living to work. They no longer want to trade their life for money, but they are willing to give their life for a cause. When I talk about that, it doesn’t matter whether or not you are open to the advanced spiritual topics I’ll bring. What matters is your pains and motivations, and that you are curious about learning new things.

When it comes to beliefs… Spirituality, by nature, is about seeking a deeper understanding of the truth. By definition, it can always be challenged, expanded and deepened no matter what level you’re at. By looking at the strengths and weaknesses in your energy field, I can tell you exactly where and how your spiritual, religious or philosophical beliefs are holding you back.

People seek the truth of life when they work to live instead of living to work, and I think that’s a core aspect of what defines the people I work with.

Now I have a question for which I don’t have the answer. There are some very bright people in this mailing list of 1200 people, and whenever I had a question I couldn’t answer and brought the question over to you, there was always someone coming up with the answer.

So here’s my question to you…

What specifically makes some people value life over work, while others don’t?

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