If you’ve seen some of the video testimonials I published recently, clients talk about very profound and powerful healing, and I’m talking about even more advanced topics in regards to the upcoming event in Thailand. If you have experience with techniques such as EFT, Reiki and Quantum Touch, this can sound far-off… and even more out of reach if you’re new to all this. In order to help you better understand what is possible through energy healing, here are 3 keys to the healing power I provide through my own methodology.

The first key to healing powers is to work with universal energy beyond time and space. Reiki is about channeling a high Buddhist energy. EFT is about manipulating and releasing your own energy. The great masters talk about a plane of stillness that exists (or is the absence of existence) beyond time and space. Some call it God, some call it the Source and some call it the Universe. No matter how you call it, every religion fundamentally talk about the same thing. Connecting to this source beyond time and space allows transmuting negative energy into light energy through the law of resonance. Furthermore, in the same way that light can be decomposed into the spectrum of a rainbow, this universal energy can also be decomposed into a spectrum of light. This spectrum contains universal love which is energy beyond time and space. It also contains universal gratitude, universal inspiration, universal confidence and universal joy. These are all universal energy that exists in a pure form beyond the context of time and space. Love was exactly the same thing 2000 years ago as it is today, in its purest form. Connecting to a specific wave of the spectrum allows you to have a deeper connection than if you tried to connect to the whole spectrum all at once, which brings the healing power to an even higher level. The potency of this healing power depends on the strength of your connection to that universal energy, and the effect grows exponentially.

The second key to healing powers is to push you into your life purpose. The motion of taking bigger and bolder actions, even if it’s only preparing you internally to take these bigger and bolder actions, serves as a catalyst and amplifies the whole transformation process. Many healers leave their clients in a peaceful and passive state of contentment. This does allow solving health and emotional problems, but it doesn’t provide the catalyst to awaken your inner powers in a more profound way. Furthermore, a passive state of contentment makes your current reality more comfortable than what you truly desire in this physical life which does not encourage you to take any serious actions. The action and motion is an extremely important ingredient to have love, wealth and everything you truly desire… and it tends to bring a snowball effect instead of a contentment effect.

The third key to healing powers is my secret ingredient. It is what really started the whole journey for both me and Rion, which is the discovery of the healing powers of pure divine feminine energy. This energy is non-existent in the Western society. To give you an idea of how repressed it is, doing Energy Profile Readings of many people revealed that out of all the coaches and healers I know in Canada and United States, only 5 of them have their femininity stronger than their masculinity! I can count them on my right hand. This feminine energy is doing miracles to thousands of men doing Natural Grounding, which then evolved into Self-Awakening. Despite being radically different from any concept we have in the West, its healing power can literally transform and balance your life in ways that you cannot even imagine. There’s no point in trying to describe it further as it cannot be comprehended logically. It is something you have to experience to understand.

These are the powers me and Rion will be working with at our upcoming event in Thailand. There currently are very few spots left, so if you are interested in knowing more about it, get in touch with me right now.

For men: http://self-awakening.com/2012_thailand.html
For women: http://www.spiritualselftransformation.com/thailand-event-women

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