As you probably know, men and women are different on many levels, even though we all have both masculine and feminine polarities within us.

After talking with several women who are into self-discovery and spirituality, I came to the conclusion that the sexes? *dominant* sexual polarity is different, as are their goals and motivations.

In terms of dating and naturally connecting more with the opposite gender, men should cultivate their dominant and stable nature, while women should cultivate their lightness, intuition, and sense of flowing with life. Still, men and women need to develop both sides.

The emotional system works the same for any human being, but men tend to be more polygamous and value sex, while women tend to be more monogamous and value love.

Men complain women are sexually promiscuous and untrustworthy, while women complain that men don’t commit. As a man, I can guarantee I won’t commit to a woman who doesn’t completely satisfy me sexually and who doesn’t have a strong feminine core. On the other hand, if a relationship flows perfectly and I am fulfilled sexually, why would I want to have lesser relationships with anyone else? In the same way, women cheat on their men when they are not satisfied. If a man has a strong, magnetic presence that keeps attraction from women high, why would a woman want to see anyone else? Emotionally, women can only give their heart to one man at a time, and they normally cannot have sex without involving their heart.

Another thing I notice is that women ruthlessly reject 90 percent of men, but they don’t want to be rejected by the 10 percent of men who are most attractive, especially not after sex when they are more involved emotionally.

I am clearly in the 1 percent of most attractive men, and I got there because of all the relationships I had and all the awesome women I met in my life. I learned about life from each experience, and I got different things from different relationships. Women often want me to commit, but if I did so with the previous girl who asked me, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and I wouldn’t be available to even meet that new girl. This is kind of a paradox.

Men want to get, get, and get girls. Women want to get, get, and get commitment. The real question is, what do you have to offer?

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