I have been running this business for 3 years with a very slow, gradual and stable growth. I have been teaching people how to improve their relationships with Sexual Magnetism, how to apply that system for financial abundance with Financial Magnetism, how to easily get jobs and how to walk a path of constant evolution. I have a confession to make.

In terms of personal evolution, your growth is very limited if you are focused primarily on an external goal such as getting girls. If you purely seek an external goal, your energy can only expand up to about 4 feet. By focusing on your spiritual transformation, your energy field can expand up to 8 or even 16 feet around you, which is enough to enjoy a great lifestyle with lots of women. However, you cannot evolve beyond that from this angle and you cannot get anywhere near enlightenment.

In order to strengthen your energy and evolve to higher states of consciousness, you must step into your life purpose and start doing what your heart tells you. You can no longer live with the security of a fixed job within its boundaries. Your time and energy has to be aligned with your heart to make a bigger impact on the people around you.

Here’s a second confession. Yes, the principles described in Financial Magnetism and How to Get a Good Paying Job can help you get a job very easily. Yes, several clients have job offers and interviews showing up of nowhere regularly.

However… the principles to work as an employee and to work as a business owner are very different. If you want to step into your life purpose and start a business to live with more freedom, you have to learn a different set of principles. If you’re like me, you may have resistance to take 100% responsibility for your life which is a crucial skill in business. One reason for it is that taking responsibility is the opposite of carefreeness, which leads to a conflict. Taking responsibility is a masculine trait that is essential for business. Carefreeness is a feminine trait that is essential for relationships. If you want to master both areas of life, you need to learn and master both independently. You don’t even need to balance and compromise one for the other. You can develop both taking responsibility and carefreeness.

These are the reasons why many of you saw great results with relationships yet still tend to stagnate or progress slowly in your life ? with a low income.

Since I now take responsibility for my life and business, here’s what I will do. Even though Sexual Magnetism is still years ahead of the seduction industry, it does have limitations in terms of financial abundance and enlightenment. For this reason, I will reduce its price to $97, as you can see here

Second, I will launch a new branch of my business called Spiritual Self Transformation that will focus on empowering leaders and helping people live at their highest. This will be for those who want to reach a higher level of personal power and evolution to make a bigger difference in the world. This will also be at a different price range, and I will offer opportunities for those who are ready to step up their lifestyle and income. Keep an eye out for a live event in Montreal soon.

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