Here’s a question from a subscriber
“How would you define the difference between ideas coming from a state of abundance vs ideas coming from a state of scarcity? Or, how to define ideas that are about getting vs ideas that are about giving?”

Do you believe in freedom of thoughts? You live in a free country, you are free to think whatever you want. You are free to take any measures necessary to defend yourself and you are free to smoke. Wait! You feel like defending yourself because you feel vulnerable, you’re being driven by your fears, like most people. You are free to smoke but then you can’t live without it, it has taken power over your own life and freedom. You are free to think and decide whatever you want but it all comes from your feelings: your passions, your fears, your values, your instinct and your addictions. Knowing that all your thoughts, ideas and actions come from your feelings, it’s good to ask yourself from which feelings they come from.

Let’s say you are in a bar and walk over to the other side of the room to talk to a girl. From what state of mind does it come from? It comes from the reality that you don’t have over-abundance of women, you are interested in that girl to fill the void so you put all your attention on that girl and go out of your way to talk to her, to confirm that this is your reality. And guess what? Behaving out of a state of mind of lack brings you more lack because she won’t be interested in you! But that’s your current reality and you’re working on it you say? There’s a point where you’ll have to STOP confirming your limited reality and START rewriting your story.

Now let’s say you go to the bar and casually talk to the people around you, to cute girls and to guys. Girls flirt with you, stay around and keep conversations going. You enjoy it but don’t really give a shit, you tell yourself “same old, same old”. That comes from a state of mind that you have plenty of women already. Being so detached confirms that this is your reality and girls want to be with you.

About getting vs giving, it comes back to the lack vs abundance mindsets. When you behave out of a reality of scarcity, you automatically try to fill your voids by “trying” to get money, love, sex, validation and security from others. On the other hand, when you behave out of a reality of over-abundance, you don’t really care about what you get because you have plenty, so you shift your focus onto how you can bring money, love, sex, validation and security into other people’s realities and things come back even more to you.

As an example, a guy asked me how he could pay back for all the advices I gave him by emails. I told him that since I have a full-time job already, 50$ wouldn’t make much difference to me so he could just give me his mental support and positive vibes. In a world where everybody is trying to get as much money as they can (lack mindset), that makes a contrast and builds trust. If I build the same trust with lots of people and want to launch a project or product that really brings lots of value to others, it will be MUCH easier and things will just happen effortlessly.

In other words, when you behave out of a state of mind of abundance, you don’t care about collecting small money here and there, you can give as much as you want, all you care about is setting up a process or structure through which you can give massive value and receive financial abundance back. That’s a much more effective approach for anything in life.

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