Let’s say you go to a 3rd world country such as Thailand and you try to pick-up girls. You are normally shy and seeking approbation from others, but people are so nice and caring about what you feel to please you that you have no choice but to care about what you feel yourself.

You go out at night to pick-up girls. You see cute girls at a table but before you have time to approach them, one of them comes to you, grabs your arm and asks you to sit with them. After a few drinks they make it clear they want to sleep with you for 30$. You may or may not go for it, but everywhere you go, with every girl you meet, same shit happens: they grab your hand, pull you, rub you, call you, propose you, invite you, complete against each others for you, etc.

It is impossible to pick-up girls when THEY are trying to pick you up. After sleeping with 1 or 2 nice girls you chose and having the pressure relieved, you find it kind of creepy when girls approach you with a hidden agenda wanting money. You can’t possibly talk with every girl who approaches you or you’d turn crazy.

You realize that when girls talk to you with an agenda, it gets in the way of having a real connection. Since you can’t try to get girls and can’t stop for all those who want you, you have no choice but to ask yourself what you really want.

You move to less touristy areas and women aren’t looking for cash anymore, but they’re still super friendly and competing for you.

What do you do from there?

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