Most people want to change their results and are willing to change their thoughts and actions, but do you really want to change as a person? Changing at the core means forgetting about this self you’ve known for so long. It means letting the way you identify yourself die in some way, to be reborn in a new way. It means taking responsibility for all that happens in your life, taking power over your own life and taking action.

People around you most likely don’t want you to change either. It would put them out of their comfort zone and often they take advantage of your current situation in some way. They also expect you to be who you have always been so that image takes time to adjust. It might also mean breaking relationships that don’t serve you anymore, such as letting go of your friends in your home town who play World of Warcraft all day.

If you’re not scared after all this, changing at the core and dropping your ego is the most rewarding thing you can do. For example, if you use positive thinking and learn to approach women but don’t heal what makes you unattractive as a person, you might get phone numbers but overall you’ll get limited success. Until you take a time-off and heal the issues making you unattractive at the core of yourself and take power and responsibility over your own life, all the actions you take will not bring the success you deserve no matter how much you work for it.

So how do you change as a person? Don’t expect it to happen overnight as it may take months or years. However, you can make small progress overnight everyday!

Here are some tips to get started.

– Don’t use your past stories as excuses for yourself. If you know Martin Deschamps, he has a potato instead of his left arm, two fingers on his right hand and only one leg. He is a very famous rock singer and he plays bass and piano like hell! If he can do it, and if a black man can be president of America, you have no excuses. None. Period.

– Most people identify themselves by their issues, qualities, default and characteristics. So you can’t just let go of your identity! Instead of identifying yourself by your issues, identify yourself by what you want to accomplish through life. You are a life force moving through life.

– If you have troubles figuring out what you’re here to do on this planet, say “God, please show me my life purpose and I will forever be your humble servant”, and really mean it.

– Let go of people who hold you back and instead surround yourself with people who support you.

– Travel to countries with totally different cultures such as South America or South-East Asia for at least 3 months. This will really help to open your mind to different realities and to view how your local culture is limiting you. Even better, learn their language as you can’t fully understand a culture without speaking its language. It will help you “think outside the box”.

– Take the resolution of looking at issues inside of you before trying to force things on the outside. Awareness is curative.

All this may require you to look at life from a different perspective but results are well worth it.

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