This topic has been discussed over and over again through history yet is still unclear for most people, especially in a culture where alpha men and sexual polarity are repressed.

For clarity, here is what an alpha male is and is not.

1. An alpha male radiates confidence.

2. An alpha male feels GREAT about himself.

3. An alpha male has a clear mind so he can think clearly.

4. An alpha male has integrity and stands for what he cares for.

5. An alpha male is free from his own patterns of thoughts and emotions.

6. An alpha male is free to feel (and attract) whatever he wants to feel.

7. An alpha male is aware of the influence others have on him, including family and close friends.

8. An alpha male is emotionally unaffected by medias, social pressure, social expectations, prick teases and anything else.

9. An alpha male is free to have and pursue his own will, no matter what people think.

10. An alpha male doesn’t give a shit what people think.

11. An alpha male is sexually satisfied and doesn’t need to pursue women, so women pursue him instead.

12. An alpha male is emotionally grounded in nature.

13. An alpha male brings the emotional, innocent, care free, joyful and pure women out of her social repression, which naturally leads her to want sex from him. Emotions and nature has been mostly repressed in our modern society.

14. An alpha male doesn’t need to fight for his rights. He expects his rights and people respect him.

15. An alpha male is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone or to express himself.

What an alpha male is NOT

1. Someone who seeks to control people around him.

2. Someone who has big muscles or a nice car. It takes the brain too.

3. Someone who brags about how good he is.

4. Someone who is arrogant, snobbish or full of himself.

Where do you see yourself in all this?

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