The violet flame is a meditation that allows healing by transmuting energies. It is well-known by people practicing Yoga and Alchemy and has been made famous by Saint Germain. Here’s an in-depth explanation of what the violet flame meditation is and how to make it more effective.

First of all, visualizing a teal flame or a gold flame connects to a much higher frequency and is much more powerful, which makes me wonder why the violet flame is so famous. To do a violet, teal or gold flame meditation, you simply visualize a flame of that color within you on a fear or blockage you want to heal. Visualizing the teal color is like connecting to 100V. Visualizing the teal flame is like connecting to 1000V. Going to the plane of the Absolute and visualizing a teal flame is like connecting to 10000V. The more your spiritual connection increases, the more the effectiveness of the teal, gold and violet flames increase.

How to go to the plane of the Absolute
Close your eyes and take the time to center yourself. Visualize a tree and a river with you standing in-between. The river should be in front of you. The tree represents your unique essence and the river represents the universal flow of energy. If the water in the river in front of you flows from right to left, you are at the right place. If it flows from left to right, go to the other side of the river where you will find another tree. Once you face the river and the water flows from right to left, go behind the tree and put your back against the tree so that both the tree and the river are behind you. Ask the tree permission to do the meditation and ask it to bring you to the plane of the Absolute. Ask the tree to assist you in the meditation of healing yourself with the teal, gold and violet flames.

What is the teal flame and how to use it
teal flameThe teal flame represents the plane of the Absolute beyond time and space. The color is a frequency connecting you with that energy. Connecting a fear, anxiety, blockage or energy weakness to that high-frequency energy dissolves it and transmutes it into light energy. It is the most powerful flame and is recommended to use in most cases.

What is the gold flame and how to use it
gold flameThe gold flame represents the plane of Creation which organizes space and chaos through time via the inter-connected web of co-creation. It is especially effective for health related issues. Why? Biology is a complex consequence of the plane of creation. Spiritual and energetic issues can easily be dissolved directly with the teal flame. However, physical and biological issues need to be regenerated biologically. The gold flame stimulates the plane of creation to accelerate the biological process of regeneration. It transmutes and releases any blockages that gets in the way of full biological regeneration.

What is the violet flame and how to use it
violet flameThe violet flame represents the spiritual energy of the third eye. Visualizing a violet flame stimulates the third eye. If you sense an energy that you can’t identify and understand, visualize a violet flame over it. It will help you understand the meaning of the energy. View it like a flashlight. When you want to see an energy more clearly, the violet flame meditation stimulates the third eye to see it with clarity. It also allows you to have more precision in your mind focus. You can visualize a violet flame laser to work on specific blockages with extreme precision.

Can anyone do the teal, gold and violet flame meditations?
Every single person has the potential to do it. The effectiveness is exponentially related to your spiritual connection. If you have serious traumas and a low spiritual energy, it may be difficult to do at first and there are other tools such as EFT, Reiki and Natural Grounding that may be more effective at starting to raise your spiritual energy. If you are already doing Natural Grounding, it is very powerful when combined with Alchemy. Most people I have worked with didn’t have any problems using the teal, gold and violet flames meditation. However, I came onto a case where the person was able to visualize a teal flame around her but was unable to visualize it within her until we unlocked her inner world and all the pain that was locked within for a long time.

Can it be used to heal other people?
Yes, you can use the teal, gold and violet flames to heal other people. However, you should only do so with their permission. These flames can be very powerful and you have no right to impose your will onto anyone. Shining light, love and acceptance to help another person grow by himself is one thing. Using Alchemy power to literally cut away their world of negativity and fears is another. Focus on your own life and help people who ask.

Are there any risks with the teal, gold and violet flames?
No. They are safe to use. Just remember that if you heal too much at once, the energy shift can be intense to integrate. Even there, the side-effects are temporary and the benefits are for the rest of your life.

How often should it be done?
You can do the teal, gold and violet flames meditation 30 minutes every day. You can also use it during day-time whenever you feel anxieties, fears or pains. The more you use it, the more you will benefit from it.

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