Josh made a comment about how he got a different feeling when reading Sexual Magnetism than when reading other self-help books. Let’s talk about it.

Josh wrote:
“When I read a self-development book or program, usually it brings up some sort of energetic feeling or emotion when I think about it. Like, I really agree or disagree with and I don’t like how that was put, but I love this chapter, etc. Your book is different. Aside from a few releases I experienced while reading, when I think back to the book, I feel almost no emotion at all. It has a very neutral/clear feeling when I think about it. I’m guessing you are a pretty neutral, calm person.”

Naled wrote:
“wow thanksssssssssssssssssss mystery ๐Ÿ˜€
I feel so better!!
shame and others emotions seems to fly away
now let’s go to Thailand, do Reiki…”

The way words are put on paper depends on the mental patterns of the writer. If the writer has all kind of thoughts and noise running around his mind, you’ll get these feelings when reading the book. Each and every one of us have filters through which we view the world based on our experiences, and we can call that our ego. Normally, you’ll judge a book based on how your own filters react to the filters of the writer. If the filters are similar, you’ll like the book. If those filters don’t match, you’ll get all kind of feelings as you go through the book.

I wrote this book from a clear and inspired state of mind, so that’s why you get a neutral feeling about it. The feeling you get is more like an absence of noise. When you remove the mental noise, another dimension of emotions opens up.

So basically, we can talk about two dimensions of emotions.

The first dimension is negative mental patterns, emotional blockages and anything that doesn’t feel good. All these feelings come from fears of all kind: looking for validation, looking for security, and looking for control. Most people are guided by these fears their whole lives.

As you let go of all that clutters your mind, your mind becomes clearer. It uncovers the second dimension of emotions that is light, joyful, rejuvenating, and inspiring. At first it may feel like a void or stillness, but as you get used to it, it dissolves your fears and inspires you to live your life fully.

I wouldn’t say I’m a neutral and calm person. I would rather say I’m a centered and carefree person. I am guided by positivity and inspiration, and I dissolve negativity around me.

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