Here is the deal. I have been going on with Attraction Mastery Club for several months. It is extremely dense in content, to a point where it is difficult for someone to jump in the middle without listening to all audios. That’s why I haven’t really been promoting it. I’ll keep going with the few guys that are involved until they break through with satisfying results. I will then package these audios as a high-end product with very high-quality content that provides real-life proven results.

Here is what has been covered in month 3:

  • Different stages of progress
  • What you need to do to move forward from your stage
  • Results from Sexual Magnetism
  • Perfectionism as a form of procrastination
  • Fear of success
  • What is karma
  • How does karma work
  • The impact of consciousness on karma
  • Karma kick-backs
  • What is the energetic structure of karma
  • How to heal karmic relationships
  • How to cut recent karmic links
  • How to protect against psychic attacks
  • How to release fears with Alchemy
  • Burning positive emotions
  • Clarifying masculinity and femininity in interactions
  • What is an alpha male
  • How to consistently progress with Natural Grounding
  • One aspect of Natural Grounding that can make you stagnate
  • 3 places to meet open-minded authentic people

Here is what has been covered in month 4:

  • Exponential nature of success
  • How to live with an open heart around people with deep blockages
  • Handling girls? bad behaviors
  • Watch out for yellow and red flags
  • Handling critics from hot women
  • Handling negative opinions
  • Distance healing vs coaching
  • Interesting case of healing
  • What to do if you can?t visualize a teal flame within you
  • How to get results from detachment
  • Do you think or are you being thought
  • How to bring the law of attraction to a whole other level
  • What are the teal, gold and violet flames and how to use them
  • How to heal a virus
  • How to heal genetic deficiencies
  • Practice healing to increase your energy
  • Power is the greatest aphrodisiac to women
  • How to date spiritually conscious women

So here’s the deal. To ensure I cover all the sticking points for various types of people and to see what kind of effect this program has on people who are less experienced, I am going to offer 2 spots in Attraction Mastery Club at 40% OFF. This includes purchasing all past editions of AMC (months 2, 3 and 4) at 40% off the monthly price, then subscribing to all future editions at 40% discount.

This exclusive opportunity is for only 2 guys who
– have purchased and read Sexual Magnetism
– have not personally coached with me

If you fit these criteria and are interested in breaking through success with attracting women, send me an email and I will get you set up. First come first served.

For others who want to join Attraction Mastery Club, I would highly recommend you to purchase past editions. Contact me to get them. The final product will be more expensive than purchasing the audios separately right now.

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