I just went to a live event in San Diego hosted by my coach Max Simon and flied all the way from Bangkok. That’s a nice 14h jet lag! 15h jet lag on the way back because time just changed. Interestingly enough, after these 30 hours of travel and 14h jet lag, I wasn’t feeling jet lag at all and was one of the most woken up person of the whole event. There is a LOT I could say about that event, and that will be in another article after I rest with it for a while. For now, I wanted to share my secrets to adapt to jet lag quickly without being dizzy and phased out. These tips are especially useful for inter-continental flights and when you have to take several planes for 20 or 30 hours.

The first tip is about purchasing your plane ticket. Use Kayak.com to search and compare flights through all companies. View airline quality reviews on flightscore.com. It’s well worth paying an extra 5-10% to get a better airline or to have a flight that does not transfer into the United States (if you’re not flying to or from the USA). After a few flights, you’ll realize why many Europeans are now taking longer flights when going to South America to avoid passing through the USA.

Then, you have to know what to bring with you in the plane. Bring some quality headphones with good sound insulation. If you’re doing Self-Awakening meditations, it’s worth getting professional headphones. I got Beyerdynamics DT 770 and it cuts the plane noise away. I can listen to quiet music while sleeping in the plane by plugging them into my phone, and they’re very comfortable. Also bring a sweater that can serve as a pillow if you want to sleep in an airport. Plus, some airports can be chilly. Bring a few snacks so you always have something to eat nearby. Next time, I would also bring earplugs and a neck pillow to make a more comfortable sleep.

The next part is the most important: managing your sleep and eat cycles. When you leave, set the time on your cellphone to the destination time. Don’t sleep too much before leaving. That way, you’ll sleep on the way and arrive when you wake up. Listen to what your body needs in terms of food and sleep, and try to sleep during night-time of the destination. Visualize yourself being already at the destination. If you’re being served diner in the plane and it’s breakfast time at the destination, consider that you are eating breakfast and you might want to take a coffee. If you’re being served breakfast and it’s diner time at the destination, don’t take any coffee and get ready to sleep shortly.

When you get to your destination, get a full night of sleep and you’ll wake up fresh in the morning. Make sure to sleep at the destination’s night time and stay up until then! You already had all the travel time to adapt to the new time zone.

The flight back from San Diego to Bangkok was a bit harder to make. I checked out from the hotel at 11am and the flight left at 11pm for 33 hours. That means I couldn’t get any good rest during the day and I spent two night times in the plane. That was tough. It would have been better to get an earlier flight after having at least a half-night of good sleep.

Keep these in mind next time to take the plane and enjoy!

This is a great article and I don’t have any call-to-action. Quite frankly, I don’t even know what it is that I do anymore. A lot got stirred up during the What’s Working Now Live event in San Diego. I’ll share more about that later. The one thing that became clear is that what I thought I was doing really isn’t at the level of what I’m actually doing. For now, the plan is to take a flight to the islands in the South of Thailand and get some rest. Alright, talk soon.

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