Yesterday was the end of the Mayan calendar. It’s not the end of the world; it’s the end of the calendar. Many associate that date with the beginning of a new golden age of consciousness and prosperity. Those who don’t know will say nothing happened, and those who know will say everything happened. What has been your experience on December 21st 2012? Here’s my experience.

First let me explain how the Mayan calendar works. It represents cycles of evolution where each new cycles is 20 times shorter and 20 times faster than the previous cycle. That would explain why everything seems to be speeding up in our society. Around 1998, we went from an era of 13 periods of 20 years to an era of 13 periods of 1 year. That’s about when the spirituality movement first started emerging. During the whole year 2012, we went from an era of 13 periods of 1 year to an era of 13 periods of 20 days, and lots of stuff has been happening during that year. On December 8th 2012, we moved onto an era of 13 periods of 1 day. <a href=”” target=”_blank”>The explanation of the 2012 consciousness shift I posted over a year ago</a> has proven to be very accurate.

Ever since December 8th, I have been feeling a whirlwind inside and haven’t been able to get any work done. I asked a few other people and there are many others who started feeling itchy, all over the place, distracted, with high bursts of energy or saw unusual things happening to them or around them, either positive or negative. Those who are highly intuitive probably got affected the most by the shift. I spent a lot of time meditating to absorb as much of the energy as possible. On December 21st, we moved to a new era of 13 periods of 1h12. I felt the energy being extremely intense during the last day as we were preparing to enter a very rare planetary alignment at the equinox at 11:11 GST, 18:11 Bangkok time.

I was walking in the city and felt an urge to come back home so I did. I was laid on my couch with the energy being extremely intense and growing exponentially. Right around 18:11, the energy was in complete turmoil for about 5 minutes. That’s exactly what I had predicted. However, I’m surprised with what happened afterwards.

Consciousness GridAll of a sudden, I got right up my foot as if nothing happened. It was 18:15. I also felt an energy grid of consciousness activating around the planet at that precise moment.

At first I was shocked at how suddenly the turmoil had stopped. Then I looked at the new energy grid with my intuitive perceptions and it has an extremely high-vibration level. You can actually connect to it with your consciousness. Visualize the planet with the energy grid around it, and visualize yourself standing next to it (like a giant in space or whatever). Then, put both your hands on two bars of the energy grid to connect to it, and pay attention to how you feel. I had always been struggling with properly grounding my root chakra. My personality was extending beyond the moon and my grounding to the physical world was extending to the sky. Since grounding to the new energy grid, my personality extends slightly beyond the cosmos and my grounding to the physical world extends to the cosmos. My root chakra has greatly expanded.

If one thing happened during the 2012 energy shift, it is the activation of this new energy grid. The effects of it will show over time. Here’s the thing. A fear and control based system cannot exist under such a consciousness grid. In the days before the shift, I felt the remnants of what some call “The Illuminati” dissolving to make place for this new grid. A corporation without an energetic structure is as weak as a thought without emotion or a group without a cause. If the energetic structure is gone, it’s just a matter of time before the physical aspect dissolves as well.

If the fear and control based system is gone, at least in our collective consciousness, what does this mean? It means it’s time to create a new system at our image, piece by piece.

This was not the end of the world; it was simply the end of the calendar. The bulk of the changes will happen between now and 2015, and there will be other waves of changes afterwards. History doesn’t end here, it’s just the beginning.

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