Monica's Story

"I asked myself: How can I love, accept, and fulfill myself from within?"

I told you I understand the concept and how men operate but somehow I did not know how to apply it inwardly-how to feel it, if you will. I understood men, I said, “... yes I get it, I have the power to make a male stronger than he is just as I had learned from reading Think and Grow Rich”. However, I did not quite understand why I had constant feelings of tension and anxiety. This led me to question: how come I cannot focus? How come I cannot meditate at least once a day? Quite honestly, a few weeks after giving you feedback, I got angry with this program because due to my own self-disconnect and Western ego, I thought of the program as being "intentionally"-full of crap. This is what the voices in my head said, 'of course a male coach is going to tell women to act and be sweet, of course they want women submissive and irrationally vulnerable. Easy for men to want someone nice and sweet when they don't understand the emotional ups and downs women experience”. So, I kissed this program buh-bye for a week, only to come back to it because it did help me fill my male energy from within, and it help me manifest men in my life but none that I truly accepted. Interestingly so, the Natural Grounding meditation helped more because it inwardly 'filled me up' more than a date or male hug did. So that told me I had a disconnect going on.

Then I went on to notice that mingling with 'society' and 'ego centric' people was not good for my Natural Grounding. So I stopped hanging out and started to have nights with me and only me. Only to find that it was me whom I did not understand. It was me whom I did not accept. That's where women's insecurities come from: we don't know how to accept ourselves. I asked myself: How can I love, accept, and fulfill myself from within? Better yet, how come I am having a hard time with me? This is where the root of my problem is: I did not like me because I am too emotional, because I am too intuitive and because I love all that comes from the heart. I enjoy taking care of men, and damn it the book “Why Men Love Bitches” tells me to BE the OPPOSITE of what I am: caring, compassionate, easy to please, flirty, giggly, and way, way more intuitive than most people. So here I am full of awesome feminine energy that is not well accepted by our society, and here I was oppressing it-especially at work.

That's when I had enough and was determined to find an answer to my 'neurosis' so I reviewed the things that worked on me inwardly like Natural Grounding meditation through watching videos (awesome dynamic approach) and I found my answer alright! For me, and I feel that for other western-minded women, it is best to start meditating on the Shakti energy. Let women connect with other 'real' women, share the feminine energy and bring out that compassionate being that we are, let the intuitive being come out, let the little girl come out. Another way of putting it... stop visiting your super bitch friends, stop shopping for perfection in lieu of self-fulfillment. To be truly in self-love, and to share and give the love I have as a woman, I must accept that women are goddesses of individuality. I also now understand that 'our competing tools' are destroying our beautiful yin energy, which directly affects our individuality, sexuality, and overall 'self-security'. Women should not be concerned in becoming the most attractive/successful/thinnest out of a group (hence the competition). All of that jazz will not help anyone feel secure and emotionally strong. Natural Grounding is correct in finding that authentic femininity is very much oppressed, thus making me and others feel empty and confused.

I am restarting this program and enjoying the female energy from the videos. I love it as it is me and it feeds my soul. This is how I am going to accept me, this is how I am going to regain the security that this world tried taking away from me. Conforming to society is no longer in my personal and work agenda. I am done hustling. I am now sitting back and letting things happen naturally-I love responding, not reacting. I am in full yin and back to being playful and have noticed compliments which tell me that I am glowing-all because I've accepted ALL of my feminine energy. I feel this is a big part of my 'self-grounding' puzzle, along with some heavy duty focus and discipline. It has been a hellacious hard-ass discovery and I am glad to have found it. In a few weeks I can work on the sexuality piece, meaning I can begin watching the male energy videos...yay!

Conclusion: It is my understanding and in my own experience, women need focus, women need emotional and societal security (collaboration and love from one another), women require a lot of self-love (more than men), women in the Western hemisphere require a good dose of painful REALITY to be fully in the present. It's sexy and much easier to be hot and humble. Let Natural Grouding come to you, let Natural Grouding help you overcome insecurities that only YOUR INNER BEING can heal. How beautiful that men and women are collaborating to heal our planet's Shakti. Cheers to that!

Please note that I am giving you the whole emotional neurotic story because it may help you understand that it is focus that women 'should' want, as it is the most awesome self-discovery I have gained for me and the rest of the world. Thank you!!!

— Monica (USA)


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