Daniel's Story

"Shamanic Attraction opened the door to a whole new paradigm: changing form WITHIN?"

I'm one of those Millennials you mentioned. I'm a 22-year-old male. I'm a very liberal person and saw how society had women take the role of objects. The separateness between the sexes really bothered me. I found my evolvement from western society in my sexuality. I think god somehow coded the seeds of evolution in our hearts and in our sexuality. I was feeling very alone while I saw how my male friends were buying women drinks and feeling the need to treat women like they were the prize. I also saw how women were always being called hoes even though it was the very men who slept with them calling them that. What a double standard that was. If anything the male race as a whole is just as responsible for the lack of integrity in women and they should be called no such name. Such names affect the consciousness of women. It fills them with guilt and causes a separation.

I eventually traced this conditioning straight to the media and the Catholic Church. The typical programs used in the bible are words such as “repent”, “burn”, “judgment”, “virgin”, and “sin”. And the media were giving a totally wrong view of the courtship ritual. The role was always the same. Man likes girl, girl runs from guy and then guy chases and marries girl. This is a totally wrong view of reality yet it is the way people were treating the dating scene. I eventually found some success in this new seduction community that had appeared as people sought answers to their problems.

At first, techniques were working a bit but every time males had the upper hand, females counter acted with their own seduction community and techniques until both sides became like robots. Not soon after that we were all sitting in a pool of hate and manipulation. Deep inside, I was feeling lost, confused and empty. That was until I found Shamanic Attraction. This opened the door to a whole new paradigm: changing form WITHIN? At first, it seemed very counter intuitive but I said: hey, if nothing else is working, let me give this a shot.

Even though changing from within seemed counter intuitive, I did agree with Etienne when he said that you could get girls by not trying to get with them. If guys would just stop following the music industry and the media and just back off women and give the female race some space it would have a big effect on the behavior of women. Besides, female genitals are internal and this gives women the divine right to choose which male goes into her. An external mating system will never understand the complex cognitive process involved with an internal mating system. This is the law of receptivity versus penetration.

After Shamanic Attraction and changing from within, I found that this not only had an effect on my mating behaviors but also on my thoughts. I now have a mind that is still when before I had a mind that was too full of thoughts which equated to a body that was nervous and shaky. I also have thoughts that verge more on a scientific and spiritual nature. If you believe in the law of oneness, science and spirituality are one and the same. The science of changing from within has been one of the most profound things that could have happened to me and has opened many doors for me. Thank you, Etienne, and may many more souls find the light of your program, Namaste.

— Daniel (USA)


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