Would you like to live an abundant life in all areas? Including financially? Whether you like it or not, money is one of the most important things in life. Almost all of your decisions are based on money. You need money to buy food; and even if you grow your own food, you need money to buy seeds and to buy the land. Yet, 95% of the world population earns below $100k per year. The reason the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is because our thoughts are manifesting faster than ever before. Here are the top 7 mistakes that keep most people broke.

1. Delaying your life.
Most people do a job that doesn’t fulfill them and dream about doing something else someday. There is nothing worse than a tolerable but unfulfilling situation because it doesn’t force change and someone can remain in that zone his entire life. Ask yourself this. If you lived in a perfect world and there were no limitations whatsoever, how would you see your life in five years? What would you do with your time and energy to earn money? What’s preventing you from making it a reality now? Focus on that. Your heart knows what’s best for you. Don’t doubt or delay what your heart is telling you. Make the decision to thrust your heart and start believing in yourself. You can do what you love and be well compensated for it.

2. Budgeting your dreams.
Most people have goals and dreams yet are not willing to invest a thousand dollars to make them happen. Sometimes they’d rather put the money on their house or hockey gear which indicates their financial prosperity really isn’t a priority. Often, they really do not have the money. Money is not a cause, it is a consequence. If you keep making decisions based on your current circumstances, you will keep experiencing the same consequence of lack of money. It’s that simple. If you want to step out of that zone, you have to start making decisions based on where you want to go. If you are not committed to your desires, why would God be committed to give you what you want?

3. Listening to your head.
For many people, their heart will tell them one thing and their head will tell them something else. Your heart knows what’s best for you and has intelligence greater than your rational mind. Your head then tries to rationalize *ration-a-lie*. In other words, your head is bringing lies and excuses into what your heart knows to be true. I’ve also seen very successful people having a slight disconnect between their heart’s desires and what they were actually doing, which is limiting them. Sometimes it can be more subtle. You may be confused and out of touch with your heart. In that case, the Self-Awakening methodology can be of great help. Start valuing what your heart is telling you. Do you know the origin of the word Desire? It comes from “de sidere” which means: from the divine. A desire is a thought that comes through your heart from the divine. It is crucial to make the difference with feelings that come from fears.

4. Focusing on Website.
After running a website for three years with slow growth, I can tell you this. You don’t need a website to make money online. What you need is to find people you can genuinely help, talk with them and enroll them into a higher vision of themselves. It’s really that simple. All you need is to master these basic skills. People struggle for years because they get distracted and spend so much time and money on their website and doing other easy stuff. Do what’s easy and your life will be hard. Do what’s hard and your life will be easy. Once you master these basics and generate money, then you can develop a website to leverage that success.

5. Selling to everyone.
The larger your market is, the more broke you are. This is a universal law. Your product or service then becomes “interesting” to everybody and nobody feels concerned. The reason behind any business is to solve problems. If it doesn’t solve a problem, it has no reason to exist. You have to clarify who exactly you want to help and which problems do you want to help them solve. There are only two ways to make good money. Either you get a few high paying clients, or you reach a lot of people. These are the only ways to make money. Make sure you either target people who have money, or people you can reach in quantity. Also make sure they are ACTIVELY seeking what you have to offer and that there is a sense of urgency.

6. Focusing on success.
Forget about success. Focus on excellence. Excellence is the cause, financial success is the consequence. Instead of trying to make a million dollar, develop a level of excellence that is worth a million dollar. By focusing on that cause and being the greatest person you can be, you can experience the consequence over and over again. Also, get the greatest coaches you can find as you will not reach that level of excellence alone. This also applies to relationships. Instead of seeking to be successful with the opposite sex, seek to be the greatest lover you can possibly be.

7. Going half-way in.
There is no such thing as trying to do something. Either you do it, or you don’t. Trying to sell and provide value is like being half-pregnant. Either you are connecting with a client and providing life-changing value in exchange of worthless dollars, or you aren’t. When someone invests money, they are making a commitment to themselves. If they are not willing to invest considerable money, they haven’t really made a decision to step forward. Doing something out of curiosity or seeking all the free stuff will not lead you anywhere. Decide what you want, fully commit to yourself and step forward. Ideally, burn the bridges behind you so that you can’t turn back.

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