Last month I went to an area with a powerful vortex of energy coming off the ground. The sacred circle is located in a rocky desert mountain about an hour drive from the Nazca lines in Peru. It is far from any civilization so it is very dark at night… although the moon was strong that day. I went there with the owner of an hotel who offered to be a personal guide and the chef of a small community living near that circle. They said we could see energy on digital pictures. Sounds cool. Let’s try it!

We had to cross the river twice to get to that area, and the river is dry 8 months per year. When we got there, we took our shoes off and I went inside the circle. I felt a powerful surge of energy emanating from the ground and the circle was about 50 meters wide. They took pictures of me with my own digital camera with flash, a Canon IXUS 800IS. On some pictures we can see orbs and some of the orbs appear very large. They say the orbs are energy that appear on the picture. Could it be prana particles? I don’t know. The way I see it, energy is a fluid and not a particle. Plus, dust and humidity can cause that kind of artifact on a picture with flash. I wasn’t convinced but I loved the energy of the place. I started meditating and connecting me to the depths of the Earth. At some point I pulled a huge amount of energy off the ground. What a shock when I saw the pictures taken at that point! You can clearly see a halo of light around my arms and above my head. Although the orbs are debatable, this halo is much harder to explain! This was the first time I could see energy on a digital picture. I can’t explain this phenomenon. Why does it appear here when it normally never appears on pictures? Does energy alter visual rays in our daily life on a very subtle level or on non-visible frequencies? If not, at what point does energy starts to alter visual rays? After a month, I still don’t have any answers and I’m bringing the question out.

In what conditions does this phenomenon happen? First, it has to be very dark which is difficult in a city. Second, the energy needs to be very intense. The halo only appeared on my pictures and it only appeared at that point where I was lifting the most intense amount of energy. Pictures of other people only included orbs. The halos are not a blur caused by camera movements because the background is very clear.

If anyone has any explanation about how can spiritual energy alter visual rays to appear in a digital photography, I would love to hear what you have to say.

Energy in Photography 1Energy in Photography 2

P.S. Update about last post about the 2012 Energy Shift and Comet Elenin: it appears that the comet has been hit by a solar flare and is disintegrating. Thus, it may not have the expected impact.

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