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The 7 Pillars of Authentic Charisma e-book.

This e-book exposes fundamental beliefs that often hinder success with women and reframe then into powerful pillars for charisma. Instead of gently talking around core beliefs for hours, it goes straight to the point in a ground-shaking way.


Breaking The Limits of Inner & Outer Game video.

Watch this hour-long video from Rion Williams before reading Sexual Magnetism as it is a very good introduction to the subject. It will reframe your view of reality to see beyond inner and outer game. It will prepare your mind to soak in Sexual Magnetism more effectively.


Financial Magnetism e-book.

I know many of you are in difficult financial situations or have been convinced by the media that you should live a recession. However, it doesn't have to affect you. You are responsible for your own wealth. This e-book takes the principles of sexual magnetism and applies them to financial magnetism. The principles to attract abundance are the same in all areas of life.


The Secret Key to Attract Health, Wealth, Sex and Love into Your Life.

This 4-hour long audio-book covers many aspects of attracting abundance in all areas of your life. It's WAY more than just about women.


Natural Grounding Guide 2011 e-book.

This e-book explains the Natural Grounding meditation in depth. It has proven to be extremely powerful to develop self-confidence and worthiness, to overcome shyness, to overcome porn addiction and much more.


Model Magnet e-book.

This 155-page e-book was my turning point to natural game many years ago. I experienced a paradigm shift and the confusion in my mind was gone after reading it. A few months later, I had three girlfriends at the same time.


Self-Awakening Kit (7 Modules).

These 7 modules are the evolution of Natural Grounding and bring its awakening power to the next level.


Secret to Women podcast, video, and e-book.

These resources will help you clearly understand the true nature of women, also called Shakti. It is a core aspect of what I teach. When you understand how the repression of femininity is screwing up our society, the video can get you into tears of liberation. Ii can also help you find your place in a society that doesn't understand you.


Interview with Gina Cloud.

Here's a terrific interview I had with Gina Cloud about the nature of women. She is the author of W.O.M.A.N.: A New Definition, where W.O.M.A.N. stands for Wild Open Magical Authentically empowered Nectar.


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