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Authentic Community Constitution Draft

74% of you guys believe something is missing in how men and women relate in the Western world and the divorce rate in America is 15 times higher than in Mexico. I would like to create communities of people who want to live their lives according to authentic principles, for both men and women.The idea […]

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Shamanic Attraction New Website Up!

Here’s some great news! Shamanic Attraction new website is now up and running! It provides much more information such as my story and spiritual path. It also makes it much easier to access the blog and forum. You get lifetime access to the forum after purchasing any product. If you use social medias, make […]

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Masculinity vs Femininity vs Life Purpose

I was reading The Way of the Superior Man from David Deida and he was saying that masculinity seeks freedom while femininity seeks love. Later I was doing Natural Grounding. Then BANG it hit it like a brick on the head! Actually it was both my hands hitting my head. The masculine is to follow […]

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Marriage Strike – Why is divorce rate so high?

Over the last few years, medias have been talking about a Marriage Strike which was followed by a Sex Strike. What is this all about? First let look at some statistics: Marriage Rates (from the University of Maryland) Marriage Rates The first thing you’ll notice is that the marriage rate passed from 80 to 50 […]

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E.D.G.E. Fuel Device – From Spirituality to Science

As you probably know, science and spirituality are getting very close to each others. I have been searching for a new generation of technologies that result from the bond between spirituality and science. So far, everything I found was to alter the human energy field and the effect could only be perceived by someone who […]

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The Eye of the Hurricane

There are a lot of changes going on around the world. The oil spill in the States was the worth ecological disaster in the history of America. The North Pole is melting and countries are fighting as to who will own this new piece of the Earth. A volcano completely blocked all aerial traffic?across?Europe. Iceland […]

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I?m asking for your support

First I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read all the information I’m sending out and to support me. What we’re building here isn’t just a business. It is a movement and it cannot be done without you. I am working full-time on this business for the last 6 months to bring […]

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Self-healing with The One-Minute Cure

Since getting involved with Natural Grounding, energies and various healing methods, I very rarely get sick at all and I haven’t taken any pills for years. I have recently found some very useful products: Alchemic water from Jacques Tombazian to re-align my energy field (I’ll talk more about this when his new website is running […]

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Energy Shift for 2012?

Last year I wrote a post asking people whether they experienced challenges in their lives. Turns out the entire year was a huge challenge for LOTS of people both locally and globally, including a volcano in Iceland, many countries on the border of bankruptcy, the worst ecological disaster in the history of USA, Earthquakes that […]

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The Real News, for independent and objective news

I personally don’t watch television since a long time. I have been working for years to detach myself from pre-conceived ideas coming from medias. However, to be aware of what’s going on around the world, I highly recommend The Real News. It is an independent and objective Internet news network that have the freedom to […]

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