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Montreal Empowerment & Attraction Workshop With Rion Williams & Etienne Charland

After the huge success of our coaching week-end two weeks ago, we are doing it again. This was a legendary transformational experience for everyone. Reading about self-improvement is one thing. Experiencing it is another. Me and Rion’s energies amplify whenever we get together bringing us even more power to impact your life beyond words and […]

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Seduction Coach for 5 Guys

I have a few private phone coaching spots open and I’ll give a free half-hour to people who are serious about integrating changes into their lives to see concrete results. I’ll talk about it more at the end of this email. First, I just had a legendary group coaching week-end with Rion Williams in Montreal. […]

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Interview with Wingman Secrets: Solving Inner Game

Fernando from Wingman Secrets ?just did an outstanding interview with me and the recording is now available. We talked not only about how to fix your inner game issues, but also on how to open your chakras, the differences in dating between different cultures, and how to bring your dating life to another level. Traveling […]

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Attraction and Intimacy Specialist ? Etienne Charland

Do you want to attract intimacy with women? Do you want to live with authenticity and peace of mind? Do you want this magnetic presence that draws women to you? We help men reconnect with themselves, view life from a different perspective and overcome their fears and anxieties so they get authentic empowerment, self-confidence and […]

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Live Interview with Wingman Secrets Tomorrow

I just had a group coaching week-end with Rion Williams and it was legendary. Guys flied and drove all the way from New-York, Boston and Grece and we shared MASSIVE value. It was a transformational experience. It was a huge success so we’re talking about doing it again. Tomorrow I’m being interviewed by Fernando of […]

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I want to hear from you!

I have a few questions for you guys so I can serve you better. 1. What do you think of when you think about Shamanic Seduction? 2. How did you first find this community? 3. If you were to search for this, what would you search? Post your comments or send me an email! Thanks. […]

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Live Coaching in Montreal with Rion Williams

I just arrived back from CEO Space in Las Vegas. It was a terrific week, I made a lot of great contacts and I met Bob Proctor (the main master in the movie The Secret). Now here’s a great news and a bad news. The great news is that Rion Williams will be coming down […]

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Recommended read: The New IQ by David Gruder

I just met this guy David Gruder and we had a very interesting conversation about bringing authenticity and integrity back into our society. We clearly are both heading in the same direction, from our own angle. He wrote a book called The New IQ which won 6 “best book” awards. What he talks about is […]

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Feedback from a woman about Authentic Seduction

After releasing Authentic Seduction last week, there’s a man who told me his girlfriend absolutely LOVED the difference it made in bed and in their relationship. However, he wanted to wait to see how it fully applies and impacts his life on the longer term before writing a feedback. So far the only feedback I […]

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One-on-One Coaching

I am now officially launching phone and live coaching programs. Phone coaching was already available but I haven?t advertised it up until now. This is what by far got my customers the most results. You may consider one-on-one coaching if? – You understand the concepts of naturally connecting with women but you have a […]

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