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Sexual Magnetism – Spark Sexual Attraction with Women

The product page for Sexual Magnetism is now ready. It is a spiritual blueprint to develop a magnetic presence that draws women to you. You will learn how your energy field affects your life and how to heal emotional blockages to change at your core. Read more about Sexual Magnetism Get our best-selling e-book Sexual […]

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Authentic Community Constitution Draft

74% of you guys believe something is missing in how men and women relate in the Western world and the divorce rate in America is 15 times higher than in Mexico. I would like to create communities of people who want to live their lives according to authentic principles, for both men and women.The idea […]

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Masculinity vs Femininity vs Life Purpose

I was reading The Way of the Superior Man from David Deida and he was saying that masculinity seeks freedom while femininity seeks love. Later I was doing Natural Grounding. Then BANG it hit it like a brick on the head! Actually it was both my hands hitting my head. The masculine is to follow […]

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Changing your Life with Sexual Transmutation

Shamanic Attraction is kind of in-between two self-development movements without fitting into any. 1. Seduction community: They are focused on satisfying their sexual desires and sacrifice their authenticity. 2. Spiritual community: They develop themselves spiritually to improve every aspect of life and mostly skip their sexuality. Some people may wonder… if I am teaching spiritual […]

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Women?s Sexual Attractiveness

I was reading an article that gave the secret for women to have supernatural sexual attraction power: 1. Suspend Your Inner Critic 2. Be Open to Other People 3. Suspend Your Inner Critic When he says “suspend your inner critic”, he’s really onto something important. Over 95% of women in Montreal ?fail these basic points. […]

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Self-healing with The One-Minute Cure

Since getting involved with Natural Grounding, energies and various healing methods, I very rarely get sick at all and I haven’t taken any pills for years. I have recently found some very useful products: Alchemic water from Jacques Tombazian to re-align my energy field (I’ll talk more about this when his new website is running […]

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FREE Video about the Law of Attraction

Rishan Bhagowat is giving away a free video about the law of attraction.?As I said, he really knows what he is talking about and he sells?his product only $17! He won’t keep that price so low forever?so make sure you get it now. See free video At least check out his free video. He has […]

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Energy Shift for 2012?

Last year I wrote a post asking people whether they experienced challenges in their lives. Turns out the entire year was a huge challenge for LOTS of people both locally and globally, including a volcano in Iceland, many countries on the border of bankruptcy, the worst ecological disaster in the history of USA, Earthquakes that […]

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Step up for a quantum leap in your raw charisma

First, after hearing your feedback, I will change the company name from Shamanic Seduction to Shamanic Attraction. I am clearly out of the seduction community which is about taking. I am officially founding the attraction community which is about giving. Some of you may have held back your trust because of occasional incongruencies from me […]

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Montreal Empowerment & Attraction Workshop With Rion Williams & Etienne Charland

After the huge success of our coaching week-end two weeks ago, we are doing it again. This was a legendary transformational experience for everyone. Reading about self-improvement is one thing. Experiencing it is another. Me and Rion’s energies amplify whenever we get together bringing us even more power to impact your life beyond words and […]

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