I got many comments on the article “Top 10 Mistakes Men Do With Women”. Comments often went along the lines of “Awesome list! I totally agree, except the first point about not pursuing women”.

You can get laid either by pursuing women or by not pursuing them, and I’m sure you could find some very good reasons to pursue them.

For the purpose of this article, here are the top four reasons not to pursue women.

Reason #1: It doesn’t lead to fulfilling relationships

Many ex-pickup artists say that there is no technique for long-term relationships, and even Lance Manson from Pickup 101 said that the three best relationships he ever had were before he got into the seduction community.

Reason #2: It gets in the way of accomplishing greater things

Many people spend a lot of time trying to get girls. They’ll go out 3 nights a week and spend their afternoons walking across the malls to talk to girls. Someone may get 32 girls in 4 years that? way, but how much efforts does it take to get laid less than once a month? There are much more productive things you can do with that time, AND you can get laid much much more at the same time.

Reason #3: Being too focused on getting outcomes cuts you from your divine inspiration

This one is kind of hard to explain, but when you focus on gettings things around you, even if you are not needy, you are not centered in your own reality and that perturbs the flow of life-force energy or divine inspiration.

Reason #4: It adds to the problem

Women are surrounded by guys trying to get laid so they have to be defensive. As a consequence, most guys can hardly have intimacy with women and become needy. As a consequence, women have to defend themselves against the horde of even more
needy men. As a consequence, some of these men become desperate to lose their virginity. That is a vicious circle that is really not healthy and that has many consequences. By pursuing women, even if you get laid once in a while, you’re adding to the vicious circle.

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