There is a widespread idea in the self-development and spiritual communities that you should focus only on what you want to create and turn your attention away from the obstacles. I was reading The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles which is really a brilliant book published in 1910. He mentions that you should focus your unwavering thoughts on what you want to create and let the challenges and negative things become obsolete and disappear by themselves. This is something to be very careful about. There have been so many people falling into bankruptcy, projects falling apart and even a space shuttle exploding in mid-air for a lack of properly solving the problems that arose along the way. I highly recommend you to read the book Illuminate: Harnessing the Positive Power of Negative Thinking by David Corbin.

Yesterday I went to see my Alchemy teacher for 4h of private training. Turns out I had lots of dark forces stuck on me, around me and completely blocking my path in life, even though I was constantly working on healing and detaching myself. I tend to go fully forward 80% and to hold back 20%. All that we cleaned up totally explains why! I’m working with several of the best coaches in the world and I’m doing all the right actions with the proper mindset. Although it greatly moves my life forward, I kept facing unexpected challenges and struggles preventing me from reaching the level of success I desire. Yes, we create our realities, but we live in a world of co-creation. As I work on raising the consciousness of the planet, this threatens dark forces that seek to survive and keep people under poverty, lack and control. The larger of an impact you are making on the consciousness of the planet, the more prone you are to be attacked by dark forces. This can cause you to feel tired, exhausted, confused, depressed or simply block your focus and vision, and recently, many people are getting attacked psychically or even physically. Due to the scope of the work I am doing, I am threatening lots of dark forces and have been heavily under attack. It took me a punch from a guy of the Montreal Chinese Mafia coming out of nowhere and breaking the corner of a tooth to realize how serious this is. Ignoring such challenges will not make them go away. Strengthening your focus on what you want will not make the problems go away. As David Corbin brilliantly said, negative situations and conditions should be introduced and dealt with in a strictly positive light.

Ironically, I taught some of my clients the same meditations and actions and they are getting the results much more easily. For example, I spent 4 hours with my Alchemy teacher to clear up the dark forces preventing me from moving forward. I did a meditation with a client to awaken his inner power and communication and everything was easy and simple. It’s the same when taking actions. My clients seem to meet less resistances and challenges than I do myself. Those who are awake are the nightmare of those who are still sleeping. In some way I am opening a new energetic path and serving as an umbrella to all those following behind. This is great news for you as it means your path will probably be easier than mine. For me, it is very empowering to become aware of these energy dynamics as I can take the necessary measures to deal with them properly. Part of it is for me to have a strong energetic support system. These energy dynamics are very real. Ignoring them and focusing only on unconditional love will not make these dark forces go away. In fact, these dark forces could easily manipulate your thoughts into denial of negativity, which is another way for them to survive. That being said, love is the weapon that can dissolve challenges and dark forces. Alchemy allows channeling an extremely high voltage of love to literally disintegrate darkness and limitation.

I also got more clarity about the projects I am working on in terms of planetary consciousness.

1. Self-transformation to awaken your core powers
2. Awareness and awakening of feminine energy
3. Supporting the consciousness and dismantlement of the banking cartel controlling the world
4. Newest project: Breaking the poverty consciousness and allowing you to step into your life purpose

I am aware that these 4 projects have huge consequences for established powers and even for the majority of people who are still sleeping. Now that the dark forces have been cleared from my path, it should be much easier to move forward. I am now ready to move 100% forward, instead of just 80%.

What about you. What is holding you back from bringing your life to the next level?

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