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NEW VIDEO Develop Animal Magnetism with Women

I just uploaded the first new free video on YouTube. It now?replaces the video on my home page. Check it out! This video doesn’t really have new content compared to the?first version of it so it’s more like a teaser. 16 more videos to come ๐Ÿ™‚ Get our best-selling e-book Sexual Magnetism Blueprint, previously […]

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The 7 Pillars of Authentic Charisma

Here’s a surprise for you. I just wrote a new e-book called The 7 Pillars of Authentic Charisma. It comes as a bonus with Authentic Attraction and Sexual Magnetism. It is free to redistribute and even resell. I wrote this e-book in a single inspired day. It will open the doors to… – Tapping into […]

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Tell me about Authentic Attraction

All the information you guys gave in the previous surveys is priceless. It helps me be more targeted to talk with the right people in the right way. I learnt a few things I didn’t expect. I would like to hear what you think about Authentic Attraction. This survey is even shorter than the others, […]

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Sexual Attraction Defined

Lots of people through history have been discussing about what makes a person sexually attractive. Although looks can help, some people who don’t have the look are still surrounded by women. Here are the 7 basic aspects that make a person attractive. These apply to both men and women, although it may be applied slightly […]

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Unified Field Theory and Spirituality

I’m talking about a lot of esoteric subjects, and it would be good to take a reality check and to bring all of this more down-to-earth and to look at it from a physics perspective. A while ago, I wrote a popular article called “Is there really vibrations connecting us?” After some breakthroughs in physics, […]

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Visualization Exercise

Let’s say you go to a 3rd world country such as Thailand and you try to pick-up girls. You are normally shy and seeking approbation from others, but people are so nice and caring about what you feel to please you that you have no choice but to care about what you feel yourself. You […]

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