Most feminists talk about a concept of “equality”. Since this pre-made concept is not based on natural laws (there is no equality in the jungle), it is a filter distording their view of the world. Feminists often reject the idea of sexual polarity because it doesn’t fit with their concept of equality.

To me, there is no such concept as equality. If all trees were equal height in the jungle, it couldn’t grow. Equality=Rigidity. Freedom and *fluidity* is what allows life to blossom.

Each of us, men and women, live our lifes independently and interact with each others fluidly and without constraints. You only want to be equal when you don’t want to face your insecurities. Otherwise you would just be yourself.

Be water, be fluid and you cannot ever be broken.

As a paradoxal opposite of feminists, people in Thailand embrace so much their feminity that many men turn into ladyboys…

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