I just arrived back from CEO Space in Las Vegas. It was a terrific week, I made a lot of great contacts and I met Bob Proctor (the main master in the movie The Secret).

Now here’s a great news and a bad news. The great news is that Rion Williams will be coming down to Montreal on August 20-22. We will do a group coaching week-end starting Friday at noon and it is very cheap at $500 per person. My healing abilities are now off the charts so I will help all attendees liberate important blockages. We will go out and meet women, so it’s not just a classroom event.

The bad news is that… there is only ONE out of five spots left!! That’s before I even post anything about it. This last ticket will be gone VERY FAST so if you want to spend some time with me and Rion Williams, book your ticket right now. If you miss it, we can start a waiting list for another event, but it will for sure be more expensive. There is one guy flying from Grece.

Book the LAST ticket remaining here


Note: it says there are two tickets available because someone booked outside Eventbrite, but in fact there is a single ticket remaining.

See you soon!

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