Karma has been something vague and mysterious to me until my recent breakthrough.

Now let’s define it in a simple way.

The way you feel defines what you attract into your life and we are all somehow emotionally connected.

Experience showed that the way people feel about you directly affects your emotional state, thus also affects what you attract into your life. This is called Karma. Don’t let people feel bad toward you.

It gets even better, but this is more advanced. Someone feels bad toward you because of your emotional blocks. His anger (or whatever negative feeling) is directly connected to your emotional blocks causing your behaviors causing his anger. This makes you feel bad. Find these emotional blocks and release them, it will break the negative karma link and you will feel free. The other person might still hold onto the anger, but that’s his problem and you’re not part of the trauma anymore. It’s a matter of time before the person realizes his anger doesn’t make sense.

When people around you feel very positive toward you, you can get much higher.

Here are some concrete examples. I went for a drink with a cool guy, his girlfriend and another girl. I left early to go sleep but forgot to pay my beer (2$). We were staying at the same guesthouse for a few days so he knocked at my door yelling at me in the middle of the night to get the 2$ back, said I was a stealer and told me not to go anywhere near his girlfriend again… OK, what the hell is that, I gave him 3$ and went back to bed. I never saw him again. The next day, his acute anger created noise in my head and made it harder to think clearly, so I spent part of the day experimenting how to detach myself from his non-sense-but-acute anger. If girls were part of his anger, it was related to his insecurities, not to me. His anger was bound to the way I forget things, so I found my emotional blockages making me forget and released it. It is right were anger was linked so it felt like cutting a tight rope. Then I could clear my mind again.

Here’s another example. A company used to give 50000$ every year to some charity organism. One year, they didn’t want to give anymore, the charity people felt they owed 50000$, it affected the company owner’s aura or emotional state, which affected what he attracted. That year, he got sued for 50000$ by some totally unrelated company. Since then, he has made the donation every year.

When a girl really loves you, it boosts your emotional state and many random girls you cross start loving you too.

You can use Karma in your favor. For any feeling less than pure joy, comfort, thrust, respect and peace people have toward you, find which emotional block causes that non-optimal relation and release it. In other words, don’t allow anymore to feel bad toward you, by the way you feel and by your behaviors.

Also notice how I turned an apparently negative situation into a very positive learning opportunity.

When you go out and meet girls, instead of trying to “close” them, just collect attraction points. You meet girl 1, she’s slightly attracted and you move on. You meet girl 2, she wants you but you move on. You meet girl 3 and go back home with her. The next day girl 2 sees you in the streets and talks with you. Attraction from previous girls is carried when meeting new ones, especially when they see it. If you have girls attracted to you in a bar, you move on to new girls and they see it, cool stuff happens.

Experiment with this and let me know what happens!

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