We often don’t allow ourselves to desire things because we can’t see how we could have them.

Even if we do allow ourselves to desire it, we often want to control or see how it will happen.

If it’s something you really need, you can ask yourself “How can I…”, but it has its limits.

Trying to make something happen comes from a state of mind of lack and scarcity which pushes what you want away.

Wondering about the How’s is merely a resistance to invoking what you want into your life. There are way too many unknown factors and possibilities to try to plan.

Here’s what you do instead. You decide what you want, you let go of needing it and you let go of trying to make it happen.

Then, you follow your intuition without questioning it. You don’t always understand why you make certain decisions, but it eventually leads to what you want.

Follow your intuition, don’t question it and forget about the cursed How’s.

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