After releasing Authentic Seduction last week, there’s a man who told me his girlfriend absolutely LOVED the difference it made in bed and in their relationship. However, he wanted to wait to see how it fully applies and impacts his life on the longer term before writing a feedback. So far the only feedback I got is from women. I’ll need feedback from guys as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

Monica just sent me her feedback. She’s the one you hear on the recording. She’s really a lovely woman.


Hi Etienne,

It was a pleasure recording your work. I must tell you that it taught me much about polarities and why it is important for women and men to remain true to themselves. Mostly, it was refreshing to know that as women we must keep our femininity to remain the opposite polarity that men require. Many times I feel women continue to act like a man and it feels out of place because it does not feel like that woman is true to her being.

After reading your research, it makes sense that women attempt to be like men because of society and also because we are taught to please our fathers and so that subliminally carries throughout our lives so? much that we are starting to resemble men in the way we think, the way we lead, and the way we appear. I can tell you that I love being feminine and it is often a struggle for me to be friends with females who are comfortable with themselves…and this because they either try to compete at being better than I am when in reality I am just being me and looking to hang out and have a good time, but because we are taught to compete and be aggressive in business I feel that women take on that identity to heart and soon you see that these women become miserable. Hence, your script made feel that it is okay to live the way I do because I love my femininity and I must love myself before i love any one else.

On the other hand, your script also made realize that men are not looking for a relationship like we do. By this I mean in the beginning of a relationship women tend to nest a relationship while men tend to try it out at first and then deciding whether he likes that woman or not. This makes a lot of sense to me. Why get attached to someone when you should be attached and mostly committed to you and your well-being no matter what. Knowing this has opened my eyes because now I understand that men take things for what they are…it’s about enjoying life and figuring out if you can commit to the person you may want to share your life with…which by the way women see as the the person whom you want to give your life to. Wrong approach! I can give my life to me and no one else or else I? will become quite miserable and at the same time I am blocking my path and plans the Universe has for me.

Self fulfillment and self love make a lot of sense and this method can actually work on women. We tend to fill our lack of love with the love we receive from men, thus whatever we (women) feel we are missing during that season we let a man fill us up with that lack of love and in the long run it does not work. It fails for the simple fact that we did not take care of this problem ourself…instead we gave power to someone else to fill our lack of love.

Since I’ve read your literature, I remind myself everyday, what am I lacking today? how am I gonna love myself today and what I do to make me feel great? No sense in finding love and fulfillment through others.

Thank you!




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