I just went to CEO Space event in Las Vegas, which is a full-week business forum, training and networking. It has been a huge shift for me. I got to clarify the essence of what I’m doing, to clarify the story behind it, to improve my language, which made a HUGE difference in the way people respond to it. I worked on the branding, got many new subscribers for the mailing list, found many associates, partners that could get my website ranked top on Google, and a possibility of reselling it on TV. I also found several products that would be GREAT for you guys, that would complement what I do and that I could resell. With everything I found there, now I can say I have a real business, and there is potential for several millions in sales just with the contacts I made.

My energy has completely shifted during the week and I’m totally overloaded. I’m still trying to integrate all the changes. You don’t feel the same after such an experience. There’s no word to describe it. Oh, and when a 9 years old kid can raise a million $ for a project, in full compliance with regulations, that’s a shock. Anyone can do it.

You can read more about CEO Space here

Language is something worth looking at. If you put non-verbal communication aside, a 30% shift in the language has a 300% impact on the outcome. At the beginning, when I talked about “Seduction & Intimacy Expert”, many people loved it, but some people had a negative connotation behind the word “seduction”. I changed it to “Male Empowerment Specialist”, and women LOVE IT!! I help men build their self-confidence, release their fears and let their authentic selves shine to attract the intimacy they deserve, but 75% of the people who came to me were women!? They would say things like “We need you” or “I’ll bring you my husband”! Language is important.

Another thing is that each person has different goals. I like to focus on having fun and having several relationships, but there are people in this list who are married or who want a committed relationship, and there will be many married people joining as well. There are also women who want to have more intimacy in their lives. In that sense, I need to broaden what I talk about. I help you not only to have more intimacy and to build relationships more easily, but also to have deeper relationships. So this can apply to either single men, married men or women.

I’m coming back to Montreal and am releasing “The Secret Key to Attract Health, Wealth, Sex and Love Into Your Life” this week. I’ll keep you posted!!

Talk soon

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