Here?s the story behind a show that was organized to raise funds for Haiti. The idea came from Denis, who is blind since birth, and it was organized in a single week with lots of artists. The ambiance was magical, way beyond anything I would have expected. Look at the charisma Denis projects and the effect it has on all the people who came despite the coldest storm of the winter. The hot blonde behind him also told the story of how she met him, which is fascinating.

Look at a recording of the show here and feel the presence in his voice. I feel it vibrating in my whole body. He may be blind, but it definitely doesn?t prevent him from having a vision. About a dozen artists were part of the show, and most were there because of Denis and his friend who is also blind. He is singing with her daughter who is also blind. The group practiced only once or twice.

This show was organized to raise funds for Haiti, and let?s compare this to some money that was raised at the office where I work. At my office, they organized a draw, so let?s say I buy $20 of tickets, $10 would be given to an organization that would bring 62% of the money to Haiti after their administrative fees. This means that out of $20, only $6.20 goes to Haiti. Many people don?t care about being effective and only care about being proactive.

For this show, the hotel ball room was given for free and the show broadcasted to Haiti radio by a Haitian who works at that hotel. There was a silent auction where many people gave things to sell to whoever wrote the best offer on a paper, and all the profits went to Haiti. The show was free, but I gave $20, bought a book and bought a detoxifying juice. It has cost me a total of $70 but I came back with things I wanted anyway, and all that money went to an organization that brings 90% of that money to Haiti. So, if you spend $20, $18 goes to Haiti and you actually buy something cheaper than the normal price. Isn?t that more effective?

The hot blonde you see behind Denis shared a very fascinating story about how they met. She was at a karaoke, and at some point she felt the presence of someone behind her, but it was very intense. Then she felt someone poking her and she turned around. She thought: ?He doesn?t know I?m blonde, he doesn?t know I?m thin? Finally someone who likes me for what I?m inside!!? They have remained close friends ever since.

Denis has sung in front of Bob Proctor, in front of Joe Vitale, and on a cruise boat in front of a thousand people.

Even thought you have eyes, I?m sure you can develop his vision.

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